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FREE 10 minute phone consults available now.

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Currently Offering:

-Individual & Couples Therapy 

-Individual Therapy offered in 50 min & 30 min sessions.

-Tele-therapy: Kelli has witnessed people put off valuable therapy because of the time constraints life places on all of us. For this reason, Kelli offers tele-therapy which is easily downloaded through an app. The sessions are private, secure and never recorded.

-Concierge Therapy: For clients with privacy concerns, Kelli offers Concierge Therapy. Kelli has met private clients at their place of business, on their lunch hour, in a park, library and coffee shop. The goal of therapy is to be more comfortable, not less.

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Group Therapy

Reunification Therapy


-Group Therapy  for girls age 10-15. 6 week program focusing on anti bullying and self-esteem.

-RT: In high conflict cases, children can become distanced from one or both of their parents. Reunification therapy can decrease the potential for life long emotional and adjustment difficulties. Kelli uses this form of therapy to recreate the parent-child bond in a consistent and safe manner.

-Kelli currently offers seminars on leadership, self-preservation/motivation and Substance Use Disorders.

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Clinical Supervision for Licensure

Kelli offers over 18 years of experience to her supervisees. Kelli began her career in 1999 working with diverse communities of all ages. She is a Certified NJ School Social Worker, Lifelines Trainer for The Society for Prevention of Teen Suicide, International Crisis Prevention Institute Instructor and currently the Clinical Director of two psychiatric units.

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What Kelli's clients are saying:

Kelli provided the gentle but upfront kind of counseling we needed to save our 27 year marriage. Without her guidance and support, I don't think we would have ever made it to today.

Brian W.